All my presentation are in 16:9 Apple Keynote format (most current version of Apple Keynote) and typically include video and/or audio files. You need to be able to route audio from the presentation computer to your AV system.

I will make my presentation available to you to present off of your Apple Macintosh computer. In addition I will always bring my own Apple MacBook to present from. My laptop supports VGA and HDMI outputs and can route audio through a 3.5mm headphone jack or HDMI and I bring my own clicker.

You will receive a PDF version of my slides to share with your audience. Please DO NOT share my Apple Keynote file or any other materials I make available to you.

You can record my presentation on audio and/or video and share the recording with your audience as well as publicly. Please note that you can only share my material non-commercially (my material is licensed to you under a CC-BY NC SA license). Should you want to charge viewers for access to the recording, please talk to me before doing so.

I strongly prefer a handsfree microphone (headset or lavaliere) as I use my hands a fair bit during my presentation.

I am looking forward to working with you!