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Pascal is a well-known and experienced speaker, covering topics from entrepreneurship to open innovation and technology trends, in formats ranging from high-profile keynotes to workshops and executive roundtables. Anchored in more than twenty years of experience in the IT and Internet industry, with a vast network of subject matter experts, he regularly consults and delivers deeply engaging, refreshingly honest, direct, thought provoking and highly motivational experiences for your audience.

He draws you into a spellbinding future where artificial intelligence, robotics, synthetic biology and other exponential technologies solve humanity’s greatest challenges. His masterful presentations make sense of our rapidly accelerating and converging world — cutting through the noise, synthesizing the essentials and connecting the dots to prepare your company or career for the exciting opportunities ahead.

Called a “prophet” by Germany’s main TV station ARD, featured in a primetime documentary about Silicon Valley (ARD: “Go West, Ihr Genies!” — watch here) and voted one of the top 100 internet influencers in the country by Wirtschaftswoche, Pascal’s work is on the edge of technology, entrepreneurship and global impact. Learn more about him and watch some of his talks on his website, check out his resume and get in touch to discuss your event and how we can create an unforgettable experience for your audience together.

Select Topics

Tomorrow Today: An Introduction to Exponentials

Pascal Finette takes you on a roller coaster ride to an exponential future where AI, robotics, synthetic biology, 3D printing and other technologies converge. Along the way, he shares the untold stories and insights of Silicon Valley’s most important technologists and previews the most influential technologies of the next 10 years. This whirlwind tour of the future will shift your thinking from linear to exponential and your mindset from scarcity to abundance —envisioning a future where humanity’s greatest challenges are overcome.

The Heretic: Advice for Entrepreneurs That Motivates Us All

Join Pascal Finette, former Director of Mozilla Labs, in an exploration of what makes collaborative innovation and Open Source work. Explore why organizations embracing these principles regularly not only to beat the market, but outcompete significantly bigger and better resourced competitors. Hear the unlikely success story of the Firefox web browser and many other Open Source software projects, dig into the principles and success factors of collaborative innovation and learn how to apply the same principles to your own organization.

Leveraging Collaborative Innovation & Open Source

In a connected world, the way we innovate and do business is changing rapidly and radically. By embracing the "wisdom of the crowds" and co-creating with customers and suppliers, we can tap into a resource that was never before possible: a universe of experts and an infinitely deeper and wider talent pool. Singularity’s Pascal Finette explores why organizations that adopt these principles are outcompeting the market and their much larger and better-resourced rivals. Drawing upon his experiences at Mozilla, the pioneer at leveraging its open source roots, Pascal explores the unlikely success story of the Firefox web browser (now used by more than 500 million worldwide) and emerging trends today. You’ll learn what works, what’s next and how to leverage these essential competitive advantages in your own organization.

The Start Up Way: What Every Business Can Learn from Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs

In his many roles at Singularity University, Pascal Finette has an enviable view of how Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurs think and act, what makes a unicorn a unicorn, and how every business can learn from the “Start Up Way.” Based on SU’s work with organizations ranging from early stage start ups to the Fortune 50, Pascal shares invaluable discoveries and insights into the common success factors across the spectrum. No matter what stage your business is at, or how large your organization is, you’ll learn valuable lessons that will make you more nimble, innovative and ahead of the curve.

Pascal Finette Speaking


“The participants were mind blown by the presentation and I can’t imagine a better way to wrap up the programming for the week. They have been raving about it ever since and many have said it was the highlight of the whole week. Thank you again for what was truly a trip highlight and for empowering these kids to believe that they can create the future!”

Google for Entrepreneurs & Silicon North Stars

“Our digital immersion week is now ending, we are heading into our L’Oréal Offices feeling truly energized, inspired and open to learning more as a direct result of your presentation. Thinking big, inventing the future and making it 10x times bigger. That is on everybody’s mind. We could not have hoped for a better way to end our week.”


Wonderful to have you with us for the Endeavor Fellows program last week – I think none of us will ever be the same after your amazing lecture. From Jordan to Indonesia to Argentina to Greece, the Endeavor network is abuzz with talk of your exponential thinking and inspiration. Thank you.”

Endeavor Investor Network

Your presentation got the highest and most excitement of all the webinars at Bayer!!! I’m getting lots of emails and chats – people just loved it! Maybe some people are forever changed because of it.”



Endeavor Entrepreneur Retreat 2017

Endeavor —
“Exponential Thinking", Halfmoon Bay, CA (2017)

Unreasonable Group NYC

Unreasonable Group —
“Exponentials for Impact”, New York, NY (2016)

Forbes Conference

Forbes —
“La fórmula para crear nuevos negocios”, Mexico City, Mexico (2016)

Matter VC

Matter VC —
“A Fieldguide to Exponential Thinking”, San Francisco, CA (2016)

TEDx Hamburg

TEDx Hamburg Salon —
“Disruption & the other side - Solving the world’s biggest challenges”, Hamburg, Germany (2016)"

DIE ZEIT Smashing Ideas

DIE ZEIT Smashing Ideas —
“Exponential Technologies”, Hamburg, Germany (2016)

BSR Conference

BSR Conference 2015 —
“Innovate and Inspire”, San Francisco, CA (2015)

GroupM Denmark

GroupM What’s Next —
“Exponential Technologies”, Copenhagen, Denmark (2015)

GroupM NYC

GroupM What’s Next —
“A Hitchhikers Guide to Exponential Technologies”, New York City, NY (2014)

CASH Music

CASH Music Summit —
“A Talk with Mike Watt”, Los Angeles, CA (2013)

TEDx Orange Coast

TEDx Orange Coast —
“The Participation Culture”, Orange County, CA (2012)

Startup Week Vienna

Startup Week —
“Never Walk”, Vienna, Austria (2011)

NASA Open Innovation

NASA Innovation Summit —
“Open Innovation in Practice”, Houston, TX (2010)


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