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Pascal is a well-known and experienced speaker, covering topics from digitization, entrepreneurship to open innovation, technology trends, leadership and cultural transformation in formats ranging from high-profile keynotes to workshops and executive roundtables.

Anchored in more than twenty years of experience in the IT and Internet industry, with a vast network of subject matter experts, he regularly consults and delivers deeply engaging, refreshingly honest, direct, thought provoking and highly motivational experiences for your audience.

He draws you into a spellbinding future where artificial intelligence, robotics, synthetic biology and other exponential technologies solve humanity’s greatest challenges. His masterful presentations make sense of our rapidly accelerating and converging world — cutting through the noise, synthesizing the essentials and connecting the dots to prepare your company or career for the exciting opportunities ahead.

Called a “prophet” by Germany’s leading TV station ARD, featured in a primetime documentary about Silicon Valley (ARD: “Go West, Ihr Genies!” — watch here), on the cover of Brazil's leading business magazine, and voted one of the top 100 Internet influencers in the country by Wirtschaftswoche, Pascal’s work is on the edge of technology, entrepreneurship, transformation and global impact.

Learn more about him and watch some of his talks below (and see his talks and media appearances on his YouTube Channel), check out his resume and get in touch to discuss your event and how we can create an unforgettable experience for your audience together.

Select Talks

Thriving in Exponential Times – Understanding how tomorrow will be different than today and why that matters more than you know.

The world is changing faster than ever and the future will be here before you know it. To survive, it’s not enough to know it’s coming. You have to be able to imagine it. You’ll learn about exponential technologies, their impact on the world and how to capitalize on the change we’re all experiencing by thinking beyond it. Because if you only set your sights on what’s coming next, you’re already too late.

Decentralized Innovation – New Paradigms for an Exponential World.

In a world of accelerating change, where business models get disrupted daily, and your competition looks nothing like it used to, how do you not only stay relevant but leapfrog forward? The future of innovation today belongs to the crowd who can outperform and outcompete closed systems. You will learn from first-hand experience how to harness the power of decentralized ideas, resources, and skills; how to bridge untapped geographies and leverage innovation at the edges.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies – From Hype to Reality to Disruption

Blockchain technology is one of the most transformative innovations of our time. It is quickly disrupting a range of industries from finance to health care and, at the same time, one of the most talked about and hyped technologies. Explore the core concepts, debunk the myths and find out why the blockchain and cryptocurrencies shift the paradigm of transactions.

The three D’s of Exponentials: Disruption, Dystopia and Decisions

The world is changing faster than ever before, and disruptive change has become the new norm; while for the first time in human history, individuals/people/communities have the same innovation power as large companies and even nations. How will you thrive and capitalize on the change we’re all experiencing? And how will the decisions you make affect us all?

Rapid Prototyping (Workshop) – Develop Products and Services 10x Better in 1/10th the Time

This highly interactive and practical session will teach you the ins & outs of how Silicon Valley’s most innovative companies create, build and test services & products in less time it takes most of us to convene a single meeting. You will leave armed with the tools of the trade.

Digitization Decoded – Decipher the Secret Code Giving Companies Like Apple, Google or Uber Their Edge

Revealing the underlying principles used by the leading tech companies to drive their digital strategy, you will learn the molecular structure of disruptive digitization and apply it to create new products, services, and business models which are ten times better, faster and cheaper.

Entrepreneurship Accelerated – Crack the Silicon Valley Code, Do More With Less and Reach Escape Velocity

Silicon Valley has a well-earned reputation for being the world’s most innovative startup ecosystem. Peel back the curtains and explore the secrets powering the leading tech companies. You will leave with an unprecedented practical insight into Silicon Valley’s startup culture.

The Startup Doctrine – Tales and Lessons From 20 Years at the Frontiers of Entrepreneurship

After 20+ years as an entrepreneur, as well as working for the world’s leading tech companies, Pascal has learned, the hard way, invaluable lessons by being in the trenches. Highly entertaining, interactive and profoundly insightful you will leave with new insights and ideas.

Pascal Finette Speaking


“I wanted to re-emphasize that your talk was arguably the highlight for many of the entrepreneurs in attendance.” — Endeavor
“This was an excellent session. Pascal was a fantastic speaker and made complex information relatable and real, easy to follow. Very interesting and engaging.” — Munich Re
“By far one of the best presentations I have seen at any event. I found I t relevant to our world of insurance and how we have to start thinking differently. He was an excellent speaker and the hour flew by.” — Munich Re
“As promised Pascal is a sense maker. Makes the very complex very understandable. Thank you.” — Singularity University EP
“Maybe the most engaging and interesting presentation I've ever seen at any conference of this type.” — Munich Re
“The participants were mind blown by the presentation and I can’t imagine a better way to wrap up the programming for the week. They have been raving about it ever since and many have said it was the highlight of the whole week. Thank you again for what was truly a trip highlight and for empowering these kids to believe that they can create the future!” Google for Entrepreneurs & Silicon North Stars
“Excellent, so engaging, interesting and exciting. By far my favorite presentation at the conference.” — Munich Re
“Es ist wirklich super gelaufen und du warst ein absolutes Highlight für die Teilnehmer. Das Feedback zum Workshop und besonders zu deinem Vortrag war sehr positiv. Insgesamt sind wir bei einem Feedback Score von ~4.6/5. Deine Session hat bisher einen Score von 5/5. :)” — Google
“Our clients were thrilled with your speech and many of them already asked us for your presentation.” — Itaú
“Wonderful to have you with us for the Endeavor Fellows program last week – I think none of us will ever be the same after your amazing lecture. From Jordan to Indonesia to Argentina to Greece, the Endeavor network is abuzz with talk of your exponential thinking and inspiration. Thank you.” Endeavor Investor Network
“Our digital immersion week is now ending, we are heading into our L’Oréal Offices feeling truly energized, inspired and open to learning more as a direct result of your presentation. Thinking big, inventing the future and making it 10x times bigger. That is on everybody’s mind. We could not have hoped for a better way to end our week.” L'Oréal
“Your presentation got the highest and most excitement of all the webinars at Bayer!!! I’m getting lots of emails and chats – people just loved it! Maybe some people are forever changed because of it.” Bayer


GroupM NextM 2018 Copenhagen

NextM —
“Thriving in Exponential Times", Copenhagen, Denmark (2018)

DWS 2018

“Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies", Berlin, Germany (2018)

KES 2017

“Open Innovation", São Paulo, Brazil (2017)

Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit 2017

Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit —
“Disruptive Innovation", Austin, TX (2017)

Singularity University Summit Germany

Singularity University —
“Introduction to Exponentials", Berlin, Germany (2017)

Endeavor Entrepreneur Retreat 2017

Endeavor —
“Exponential Thinking", Halfmoon Bay, CA (2017)

Unreasonable Group NYC

Unreasonable Group —
“Exponentials for Impact”, New York, NY (2016)

Forbes Conference

Forbes —
“La fórmula para crear nuevos negocios”, Mexico City, Mexico (2016)

Matter VC

Matter VC —
“A Fieldguide to Exponential Thinking”, San Francisco, CA (2016)

TEDx Hamburg

TEDx Hamburg Salon —
“Disruption & the other side - Solving the world’s biggest challenges”, Hamburg, Germany (2016)"

DIE ZEIT Smashing Ideas

DIE ZEIT Smashing Ideas —
“Exponential Technologies”, Hamburg, Germany (2016)

BSR Conference

BSR Conference 2015 —
“Innovate and Inspire”, San Francisco, CA (2015)

GroupM Denmark

GroupM What’s Next —
“Exponential Technologies”, Copenhagen, Denmark (2015)

GroupM NYC

GroupM What’s Next —
“A Hitchhikers Guide to Exponential Technologies”, New York City, NY (2014)

CASH Music

CASH Music Summit —
“A Talk with Mike Watt”, Los Angeles, CA (2013)

TEDx Orange Coast

TEDx Orange Coast —
“The Participation Culture”, Orange County, CA (2012)

Startup Week Vienna

Startup Week —
“Never Walk”, Vienna, Austria (2011)

NASA Open Innovation

NASA Innovation Summit —
“Open Innovation in Practice”, Houston, TX (2010)


Deutsche Telekom
Vodafone / Vodacom
Royal DSM
Exxon Mobil
AB InBev
Stena Line
Schneider Electric
Dominion Energy
Lloyds Banking Group
Munich Re
World Bank
Sparkasse Finanz Informatik
Axel Springer
Electronic Arts
Group M
National Retail Federation
Stanford Research Institute
Fuse Project
Art Directors Club
European Commission
Young Presidents Organization
Entrepreneur's Organization
London Business School
IMD - Business School
Draper University
Watson University
Unreasonable Group
Global Entrepreneurship Summit
Startup Grind

Featured in the Press

Fast Company
Inc. Magazine
ARD - Das Erste
Le Monde
Die Zeit
Sueddeutsche Zeitung
Business Punk
Koelner Stadt Anzeiger
Rheinische Post


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